Supporting and empowering adults with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions

We acknowledge and respect the individual and not just see the disability

The Firs Care Home provides 24 hour staffing support

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The Firs

The Firs is a large house in Potters Bar that has been converted into a 9 bed home to meet the challenging needs of  adults with Learning Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Conditions. Each resident has their own single bedroom with en-suite facilities and access to the communal kitchen, living room, conservatory,  large garden and activity room. The Home provides 24 hour staffing support.

Aims and Objectives

All residents will have a Learning Difficulty and or Autistic Spectrum Conditions and require input from appropriately skilled staff on a daily basis.  In order to provide a holistic, high quality service to its residents, the staff team aim:-

  • To support individuals in managing and living with Learning Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Conditions.
  • To acknowledge and respect the individual and not just see the disability.
  • To encourage the development of social skills and reduce the disabling effects of their condition.
  • To provide individual communication skills programmes.
  • To provide an environment that is safe and predictable.
  • To encourage personal growth, whilst maintaining safety through care planning, guidelines and risk assessments.
  • To review and document individual progress and achievements.
  • To support individuals in developing existing skills and to acquire new ones.
  • To provide individual person centred day programmes, which are meaningful and enjoyable within the community setting, and offer consistency and continuity.
  • To provide opportunities to access colleges of further education and work opportunities based on peoples individual interests.
  • To encourage choice and involvement to a level with which the individual can cope.
  • To support individuals in developing and maintaining their mental well being.
  • To identify and treat any health issues presented by an individual.
  • To provide access to a range of specialist practitioners, including Psychology, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists.
  • To provide access to medical practitioners as required, e.g. GP, dentist, optician etc.
  • To develop individuals independence skills and encourage individuals to move on into more independent living if possible, and in their best interest.
  • To understand that behaviours may be a result of fear, distress, increased anxiety, anger etc, and to manage situations according to individual guidelines of support.
  • To provide skilled and supportive staff, knowledgeable in Learning Difficulties and   Autistic Spectrum Conditions.
  • To work in a positive partnership with external professionals, individual families and friends.

Desborough Care

The Firs
77 The Causeway
Potters Bar
Tel: 01707 662299